Monday, February 25, 2008


Well thank God that's over with (at least until August!)
It was a busy and long day with takings down on last year but at least things were far more civilised!
Today I have been playing catch up with a few jobs which should have been done before (aren't I always?)
And I have learned that a have a couple of secret blog readers! Go on, don't be shy, introduce yourselves! LOL!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bead Fair Mayhem

Another day staying at home counting beads, and findings.
Hope I sell some at the bloody fair!
Have to nip out to get change for a float from the bank, but apart from that it's count, count, count. Thank Gawd I don't do anymore of these fairs - I don't think I could cope. Can't wait til it's all over.
OH is off next week so we plan on doing loads of decorating etc, but I'm also going to try and persuade that a trip to Ikea would be a good thing. Which of course it would.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

counting beads

Seems like every time I post here I moan about how busy I am!
Today, before going out for lunch with a girlfriend I have to count more beads for the Bead Fair, which is now looming with horrific nearness. Then I have to try and find somewhere that has a reasonable selection of bathroom wallpaper so I can buy some. Nowhere seems to have what I need/want.
With all the hassles that we are having in the bathroom and kitchen the plumber was just a honey last night - he just sounded so reassuring, saying things like, 'don't worry, we'll get round it, nothings impossible.' Bless him, I am so grateful to him, he really is worth his weight in gold. Just hope is bill isn't quite that high at the end!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I can't remember having a busier week in recent years!
I have hardly had time to sit down, literally!
But the kitchen is coming on and we now have a new bath and basin in the bathroom. Another busy weekend should see all the major stuff renewed and functioning and then it's just decorating to finish. Just, she says!
Also I have to start counting and bagging for the baed fair and I'm also waiting on 2 massive orders coming in so will have to deal with them when they get here.
And I may have signed myselk up for regular monthly fairs if that comes off - so I'll actually have to start making some jewellery!
Ugh, it's too scary to think of. I thought I would get less busy once the bathroom and kitchen were completed but it looks like it's just going to continue at this pace until I die! Which might now be sooner than I had planned, lol.
Oh well, got to get on, shouldn't really be sitting here - got stuff to do.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

oh me oh my

What the hell am I doing sitting at the PC this late?
Waiting for the bread that just came out of the breadmaker to cool down that's what!
Oh and playing online Bingo! FGS!
My house is in complete mayhem - got no water in the litchen and the bath is nearly destroyed but you gotta unbuild stuff in order to renew it so hopefully by the 6th March I'll have a lovely new kitchen and a stunning new bathroom. That's the plan anyway!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Home all day today

Well I have a nice day ahead of me where I only need to take the dogs for a walk so I can be really productive round the house.
I have loads of findings to count and bag.
I could also do the weekends chores to save doing them this weekend.
I could strip the bathroom of all its tiles and wallpaper ready for the new bath suite going in next week.
I could prepare for doing the tiled splashback in the kitchen (though this involves a trip to Focus and I can't be ars*d).
I would like to get another 50 items listed on Ebay - but this may involve taking photos and the light isn't too good here today.
I could also create some space in the kitchen ready for the next lot of units going in over the weekend.
I could measure the kitchen and go and order the Vinyl we've decided we like.
Plenty to keep me going, just got to decide where to start!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

k is for nackered

Well I got a load of findings through today - got to count and bag them ready for the bead fair which is 2 weeks on Sunday. Yikes!
And I'm currently removing everything movable from the second half of the kitchen, which is to be worked on this weekend.
I'm pooped!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

better late than never!

Was helping out a friend this morning and got behind on my beady/jewellery work. I haven't done anything related to self-employment today but I did spend hours boggling at mortgage info, since I have to remortgage.
C and L came and picked up there cats who we have been looking after aswell - they just left and our poor dogs still haven't been out for their walk yet!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Groundhog Day...

Came and went without repeating itself.
This weekend we finished the half of the kitchen that we started months ago. Yippee! Just got the other half to go now.
Ebay have announced some changes that I think will be of benefit to me - thank God - I was beginning to wonder if there was any point in continuing. In ten days time I have the Bead Show in Perth, and I really need to get my stock organised for it.
And I am turning into a big fat monster so I better start dieting as I have a friends wedding on May 10th and I want to be a size 12 for it.
Better go now and do some proper work.

Friday, February 1, 2008

February already!

Well, I've done all my weekly chores this morning so I won't have to do anything too strenuous over the weekend.
I've got to list some stuff on EBay and wrap up some Ebay parcels, then I should probably just start counting beads for the Bead Fair, it's only 3 weeks on Sunday.
I eventually got the poly clay out last night. What I wanted to try didn't work the way I thought it would, when does it ever? But I got some nice beads anyway and learnt a lesson; I just can't get translucent Fimo to be translucent! I did however get some nice crackled foil effects.