Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Committee meet tonight

Seems like all I'm doing just now is organising meetings!
The Angus Crafts Association has it's first committee meeting since the AGM tonight. There are 4 new members to welcome and induct! It should be a good meeting but I think it might go on forever...
However, new enthusiastic members are what we need, God knows the old ones are getting scared away in droves.
Well I still have AGM minutes to write and more jewellery to make (don't I always).

Will make myself a nice cup of tea first though!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday morning comes round again

There's always loads to do on Mondays!

The weathers not bad so I should get some washig out but it's really beginning to feel like the long march into winter has begun.

I managed to get the Angus Ambassador entry for our Crafts of Angus shop into Angus Council on time. Phew! I was really beginning to stress out about it!

Over the weekend, though I haven't been very productive in real terms, I have been thinking a lot about different projects and have a couple of ideas for collaborations with another crafter in my group. Just hope I can pull my finger out in time for Christmas.

Also I have to get on with some silver mailleing so that I can get some stuff hallmarked and on sale on the website - I think they will really add another dimension to what's already available.

October is a month of talks and workshops - new to me. This gives me something else to stress about. Novemebr is an xceedingly busy month - at the minute the only weekend day I have off is 22nd November and I'm sure that will change by the time it comes round. Of course, I am already looking ahead with dread to those lean months of January, February and March!

Got to go work now.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Silver jewellery

Yippee, I now have my own hallmark!
Just got to make a load more chain maille pieces and then send them off to be assayed together to bring the cost down a wee bit.

Well it's all moving apace!

Friday, September 26, 2008

nearly forgot

I've got rather an important competition entry to compose and upload! lol!
Wish me luck!

Well, well, well...

Ok so I haven't been around for ages. I've been ignoring my blogging duties to attend to more pressing matters (like ironing! lol)
What can I say - I've been busy.
So todays list boils down to;
Ebay parcels;
application for one craft fair;
order some bits - mainly silver wire and chain;
finish necklaces and make more earrings;
If poss, photo finished necklaces;
oh and update website with sold pieces.

That should keep me going for a while.